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Daughter of a King'' is a faith-based nonprofit for millennial women based in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Our ministry is “unconventional” because we exist outside the four walls of the church. Women of our ministry go to churches across the country but we wanted to create a safe space for women to learn about ways we can grow in Christ together. Our goal is to remind women who they are in Jesus Christ and the inheritance that awaits them.



We exist to encourage women to seek God first, live righteously, and break generational curses. We provide spiritual leadership and create a learning environment that will be an invaluable resource to young women, aspiring mentors, and the community at large. 

We are passionate about helping women through all paths of life. We invite you to join us for various events throughout the month and connect with us virtually through our digital platforms. Our events are a safe space for like-minded women to gather and unapologetically celebrate God.

We are stronger together. Our goal is to encourage input and partnership with other women of faith to strengthen the organization and our communities. We encourage women to pursue their individual purpose and aim to give them the spiritual tools and platform to grow their personal endeavors.

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Lauren Williams and Meagan Manago received a vision from God for Daughter of a King in July 2017 and it came to life in January 2018. It was birthed from their time of personal and spiritual growth while living together in Los Angeles. Their journey in the big city was rooted in a daily pursuit to seek God’s purpose for their lives. As the two best friends and roommates spent more time learning about the Bible and chasing after the Lord, He began to reveal visions, strengths, and spiritual gifts they didn’t know were within them. While under the profound teaching of Bishop Kenneth Ulmer and the Faithful Central Bible Church, Lauren and Meagan believed God was calling them to start an “unconventional ministry” for millennial women. Jesus Christ is the foundation of Lauren and Meagan’s friendship and it all started with accountability. Lauren and Meagan have been friends since 2012 and the dynamic duo continues to walk through life as accountability partners – in good and bad times. God always has and continues to use them to speak to one another, teach one another, and learn from one another. As they continued to seek the Lord individually, He revealed a way for them to serve His kingdom collectively. It has always been an earnest desire to reach women like them and to be able to relate, share, and uplift other women along this journey called life with Jesus.

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